19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Belly & Diet

19th Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy in 19th week develops quite a great deal after the initial stages. By this period, a very particular development starts to take place in your baby. In this stage we need to take a few precautions as well. Besides, the feeling of the baby growing inside is simply great.

Baby Development in the 19th Week Pregnancy

The baby inside you can be seen growing at a steady pace. At this time we can find the baby’s hair growing and also its kidneys making urine. Other changes like developments inside the brain start taking place. By this time, in case of a baby girl, almost 6-7 million eggs are formed in her ovaries. The baby weighs around 227 grams now and permanent teeth behind milk teeth buds can also be spotted. The size of the baby in the 19th week is just 7 and half inches at this period of time. It is indeed an impressive growth during this period.

Changes in the body of the mother: The second trimester brings with it some physical problems for women. Often women complain about the sharp pain in their hip or abdomen area. There is also pain in the ligaments which is due to the changes in the body during 19th week. This is a common complaint and it is quite natural as well. By this phase the mother’s breasts start growing and externally the protruding belly can be seen. Others can now make out about the pregnancy and you can even feel little movements inside.

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Suggestions for a 19th Week Pregnancy

Dizziness is pretty common during pregnancy. During this time the body suffers hypertension which might make you feel dizzy. This low blood pressure is a result of the mother lying on her back. When you lie on your back, a pressure is exerted on the primary blood vessels like aorta and vena cava. As a result of which supine hypertension takes place. What you can do is Lie on your sides, this will relieve you from the pressure.

Sometimes women tend to get up quickly from a kneeling or a sitting position. This results in a fall in the blood pressure which again results in dizziness. In this situation rise up slowly without hurrying. This will definitely help you from getting dizzy.

Taking care and precaution in any stage of pregnancy is very important. This will ensure you and your child’s safety.