16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Development, Ultrasound

16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

One of the most exciting period of pregnancy is the pregnancy in 16th week. The movements of the baby can be felt like a light fluttering movement. In many cases some women do not feel such movements but there is nothing to worry. At this stage the baby’s body is developed and women can experience many hormonal changes. In order to check the birth defects one can also undergo an antenatal test. Those who are above the age of 35 and has a past experience of birth defects must go for a Amniocentesis. Pregnancy in 16th week is a good time to undergo all such tests.

During this time many women are also prone to infections like cough, cold, pregnancy constipation, etc. This is because the immune system of the body gets hampered during pregnancy. There is nothing to worry if you face these things, just consult your doctor for some healthy advise. Some women also get infected by chicken pox and rubella which can create problem for your baby. To avoid all these problems undergo tests like triple test, ultrasound, AFP, etc. Pregnancy in 16th week means production of more blood. The improved circulation of the blood make your face glow at this time.

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16 Weeks Baby Development: What to Expect

There are many major developments that baby undergoes during pregnancy in 16th week. Normally at this time the baby weights 160g and is 17.5 cm in size. As the uterus expands baby can now have more space for movements. It is the time when kick and grasp with its hand. The placenta and the baby are of same size at this stage. Sixteenth week of pregnancy is the time when the genitals of the baby are developed. A sonography test at this stage can tell you the sex of the baby. The neck and head of the baby is now held straighter. With the help of external monitor one can also hear the thumps of the heart beat. The baby also inhales and exhales amniotic fluid, this is evident by the chest movement of the child. During this time the circulatory and the urinary system of the baby starts functioning efficiently.

How Big is Your Baby at Week 16

Pregnancy in 16th week is a very important week. By this time the milk glands start producing milk which can make the gland either tender or swell. The breast veins become more visible because of the increased flow of the blood. Some women can also experience aches and pains during this time when which is the result of increased body weight.