14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Belly & Baby Movement

Pregnancy in 14th Week

Pregnancy in 14th week means that you are in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is from this week that the baby starts growing. The baby grows to half inches long compared to last week. fourteenth week is an important week of pregnancy. Lot of changes are experienced by both mother and the baby. During pregnancy in 14th week the hormonal changes in mother’s body become apparent. Many women experience skin changes. Down the abdomen and to your pubic bone dark lines are developed which is called linea negra. The areola of the women also becomes larger and dark. Apart from this the size of the uterus also becomes large. The organs of the baby also starts maturing with the beginning of this week.

There are various development that can be seen in baby. By the fourteenth week the baby is about 12.5 cms or 4.92 inches. The legs and arms of the baby get into shape and the child weighs about three and half ounces. Fingerprints of the baby is formed and the body organs starts functioning. The liver of the child starts secreting bile. Baby’s hair starts sprouting with the beginning of the fourteenth week of pregnancy. The hair mask which is formed over the baby’s body by this time is called ‘Lanugo’. It is the time when the baby starts breathing fluid. As the child is undergoing major changes one has to take necessary care regarding the health of the mother and baby. Consult your doctor frequently for checkups.

Pregnancy in 14th week brings a host of changes for both mother and baby. The prostrate gland starts developing according to the sex of the child. All major reproductive developments take place inside the mother’s womb. During this week most of the mothers face pregnancy constipation. To deal with such situation increase the intake of water and eat nutritional and high fiber food. Try to get good sleep and relax by maintaining high spirits.

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Pregnancy in 14th week is a high time when you start your pregnancy exercise.At this stage the risk of miscarriage will be less.

In order to have ensure a better growth for the baby eat healthy food. Increase the intake of diet rich food. This helps in improving the immunity of level of both mother and baby. Compared to other stages of pregnancy this stage is relatively safer. In this week the appetite of mother also increases. So, have a healthy food and keep yourself fit during this time so that you can give birth to a healthy baby.